Since our inception, Complete Store Maintenance has been providing a specialist customer and in-store trolley maintenance service to retailers throughout metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia. Our clients include Target, Kmart, Coles, Coles Liquor, Bunnings, ALDI, Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy, IGA – Drakes, Ritchies, Spanos, Foodworks and Metcash. Our trolley maintenance services cover all wheeled equipment from the front to the back of store.


While similarities may exist between the maintenance programs provided to our clients, each program has been tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. In this regard, ongoing dialogue with our clients at the store and state level is central to how we do business and fundamental to ensuring we continue to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. Complete Store Maintenance encourages and highly value feedback from our clients, as without our clients we have no work and no income. We have found that effective communication between the key stakeholders, namely our service technicians, Store Managers and trolley collection personnel, greatly assists in ensuring service needs are met and trolley collection methods accord with our organisational goal of reducing trolley maintenance costs for our clients.

For a number of our clients, we provide a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance service – this level of service is particularly relevant for those sites utilizing retention devices such as Carttronics or Gatekeeper wheel lock systems. For others the service may occur quarterly, annually or on an as-needs basis. In all cases our preventative maintenance service involves the inspection and servicing of all makes and models of customer trolleys, including any accompaniments and, as necessary, in-store equipment. Repairs are undertaken on-site to rectify hazards which may cause injury to our client’s staff or their customers. All trolleys and in-store equipment serviced are tagged and dated, allowing for a record of maintenance to be maintained.

At the conclusion of a service, our clients are provided with a detailed service report that specifies the type and number of customer trolleys and in-store equipment serviced, all parts used in their repair and a brief précis of any issues identified that could affect the durability of the customer trolleys or in-store equipment – as necessary, more detailed reports can be provided. Complete Store Maintenance also maintains a register for each store serviced. As well as the information mentioned, the register also contains details of the condition, make, model and accessories fitted (i.e. coin locks, baby capsules, etc) for customer trolleys at each specific site.

This information can be used to provide higher-level reports on category or regional specific issues relevant to the servicing of customer trolleys. Complete Store Maintenance has also implemented a process to assist in identifying the nature of damage to customer trolleys. The process requires service personnel to identify and categorise, to the best of their ability, the reason for the damage. For example:

  1. Environmental (i.e. damage resulting from exposure to the elements);
  2. Locality specific (i.e. damage resulting from issues specific to the site, for example, rough car park surfacing);
  3. Collection (i.e. damage resulting from collection methods used, for example, unsecured trolleys on collection trailers);
  4. Vandalism;
  5. Manufacturing (i.e. damage resulting from issues related to the manufacture (including components used) of the trolley);
  6. General wear and tear.

By categorising repairs in this way, we anticipate being able to identify recurrent sources of damage and thereby provide constructive feedback to our clients regarding how best to minimise costs associated with repairs. In addition to providing these reports, we see our relationship with our clients as not just that of a service provider. We are acutely aware that a shopper’s perception of a customer trolley can influence their shopping habits. As such, we believe we assist our clients in retaining their customer base and managing their assets through the provision of timely feedback on the durability of customer trolleys at individual sites or across an entire fleet.

In further reducing costs to our clients, all Complete Store Maintenance service personnel are instructed to reuse serviceable parts from unrepairable trolleys. The use of these parts is at no cost to our clients – only the labour component is charged.

Complete Store Maintenance currently provides logistical and fleet management services to a number of retailers throughout Australia. We are available to assist with trolley retention (maintaining a reserve for peak trading periods), relocations (consolidation of trolley fleets), top-ups, removal of excess trolleys or trolleys identified as being beyond reasonable economic repair and fleet swap outs. With capacity to move anywhere from 20 to several hundred trolleys, no job is too big or too small.

In addition to customer trolley and in-store equipment maintenance, Complete Store Maintenance can provide the following services:

  • Manufacture and install custom trolley bays, handrails and bollards;
  • Shelving installation, relocation and maintenance;
    • Back of house equipment repairs;
    • General store maintenance and programmed services;
    • Carpentry, plastering, tiling, painting, sheet metal work;
    • Welding on Site: specialised welding including mild & stainless steel.

All services offered by Complete Store Maintenance can be provided on a do and charge basis or at a fixed price contract based on a Service Level Agreement with defined standards of workmanship and frequency of visits.