November 23, 2016

From Acquisition to Retirement

At Complete Store Maintenance we see our role as not just that of a service provider and believe we support our clients in managing their trolley assets, from acquisition to retirement, through the provision of a range of competitively priced services, including:

Expert advice on the durability of your trolley assets – pre and post acquisition;

  • Written assessments from qualified personnel

Periodic reports on trolley particulars at specific sites;

  • Qty, make, model, accessories fitted, condition

A fixed price trolley service which includes the following;


  • Inspect the trolley and in-store equipment for physical damage;
  • Inspect handles for discolouration or defects;
  • Inspect each wheel, check for ease of operation, remove any foreign matter and lubricate in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, report for repair any major defects;
  • Inspect trolley and in-store equipment for sharp protrusions and defective welded joints and report for repair;
  • Check for loose bolts, screws and axles – tighten as necessary;
  • Inspect each child restraint for damage or wear; inspect the child proof-locking device for operation and ensure that the seat is in a safe working condition and the safety warnings are legible;
  • Tighten tailgate hooks as necessary to prevent tailgates from lifting and becoming free;
  • Straighten back-flap U-frames if bent forward;
  • All trolleys fitted with a baby capsules are inspected to ensure the capsules are in good working order and safe for customer use. All components are inspected i.e. baby harness’s, support bars, fixings etc.

Operational Test

  • Ensure wheels rotate freely;
  • Ensure that wheels swivel freely;
  • Ensure wheels do not wobble when in motion;
  • Ensure all four wheels contact the ground during operation;
  • Ensure the correct functioning of coin locks or other trolley containment devices where fitted.

Safe Operation

  • Ensure trolley and in-store equipment moves easily in the direction being pushed;
  • Ensure trolley and in-store equipment do not have any abrasions, extrusions or other defects that may expose the general public or our customers’ employees to potential injury or property damage.

Travelator Wheels

  • Inspect and test the operation of brake blocks or drop down disks and report for repair.
  • Inspect each wheel for wear, which may prevent correct engagement with travelator braking slots or correct engagements of drop down disk depending on type of wheel used. De-burr as required to achieve correct operation.

All trolleys inspected and/or repaired during the visit are tagged with a service label which clearly shows the month and year of service.

A fix-on-fail or preventative maintenance service for all wheeled equipment;

  • All replacement parts used are new and comply with relevant Australian standards.
  • Parts and labour prices are agreed and adhered to.
  • Response times for metropolitan sites are 24 to 48 hrs.
  • A regular scheduled service taking in regional and remote locations.

A fixed price trolley storage and distribution service;

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Secure facilities.
  • All trolleys are serviced and cleaned prior to distribution.

Disposal of surplus equipment.

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